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Unexpected Places in Unassuming Packages

Here's some poetry for your spirit and your soul

Unexpected places, in unassuming packages.

Who’s that passing by?

Is that a bird in the sky?

Well if it was all about what caught the eye,

I’d miss the Super for Clark Kent in disguise.

But the one standing in front of me may not even know

How awesome they are.

Because the words and labels slathered on them

Left them in slander and scars

But what if every soul I pass is a special being?

And what if riches aren’t solely measured by the outward things I’m seeing?

Could there be a mine so great that the Gold Rushers would be fleeing

To receive from immense dispensed treasures?

Are you reading? Are you reading me?

Because others seem to have it all together

But pull back the cover, see pass the leather.

And you’ll probably see many things in them that could be expressed in many letters.

Or Pictures. Because we all have a journey.

Nouns and Verbs. Twists and Turns.

Though gruff exteriors and unrefined appearances

Give the smell of being inferior what if we got past that?

And heard the clearest articulation of something of quality.

But let’s be clear, Abuse is not okay.

If you’re holding onto a relationship and hoping to make it work.

But if all you’re getting is assault and mistreatment, it may be time to do what you need to get away.

Cry for help if you can't find a way out!

Because they can’t yet see the precious cargo sitting right in front of them.

Perhaps because they weren’t treated with dignity

And this all perpetuates a cycle that just harms you and me.

So that’s that, unexpected places, unassuming packages.

Maybe that’s you. You may have circumstances that seem against you.

And perhaps real dangers opposing you that others can’t seem to view.

But remember this. You are loved, special & unique. Face it. It’s True. It’s you.

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