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About Clinton

First and foremost, I love Jesus and He is the center of my being. He called me to Himself and I belong to Him.


I'm originally from Austin, TX and my educational background is in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT. But the pursuit of God on my life has led me into various ventures of expression of service and worship unto Him. You'll often find me mobilizing, strategizing, connecting, creating, building, teaching, and training, as I also seek to be a life-long learner. I dream of communities, nations and generations coming alive and aligning with the purpose of God.

Bondservant of Jesus - I serve as a minister of the Good News, and as a mission mobilizer, pioneering paths for the Kingdom of God, especially with lengthy experience with interconnected campus movements rooted in prayer and a wholistic vision for Kingdom impact. I help others get connected to life, purpose and destiny rooted in Christ in raising up a generation, especially through discipling, training, speaking into and developing young men and women to then see their lives impact others as disciples of Christ. I'm currently serving as the National Director of Campus United Movements with Ignite Movement (, coaching and equipping campus leaders to bring the body of Christ together for greater impact on their campuses and in their regions.


My passion is to Awaken a Generation to the glory of Jesus Christ....

See More of my Story on my "Mission" Page:

Creative - I am a worshipper with a vision to unlock the sound of nations. I serve especially as a singer, poet, psalmist, and writer who declares words that reveal, exhort, pluck up, and build up. It's also in my heart to bring forth sound combining different creative and genre elements, ultimately as an expression of the multi-faceted expression of the Creator. A part of my assignment is to raise up worshippers, and I help equip others in releasing the sound and expression of God put in them.

...with Words and Sounds of Liberty.

Go here for Some Sounds:

Instrument of Justice & Restoration - I seek the justice and righteousness of God to manifest on earth as it is in heaven with restoration of things taken, and rebuilding of broken places. I serve as a voice speaking and equipping the body of Christ to engage with areas of racism, ethnic injustice, wounding, and tension. And I believe in the power of the Arts to help facilitate understand and healing. And as a mobilizer I currently partner with Civil Righteousness in some of these endeavors.


For a long time, since the days of my youth, out of the circumstances I grew up in, I have dreamed about reformation in the educational landscape, empowerment in minoritized and impoverished communities, and for the orphaned to encounter the Father. I'm ever mindful that science and engineering outreach programs made a way for opportunity to be brought to me that I otherwise would not have known about, considered or dreamed about. It's in the heart of the Father to bring restoration to the original things that were in His heart from the beginning, as He makes all things new.

Hear about the Movement for Justice & Restoration:

Organizational and Educational Consultant - I also serve professionally as an organizational and educational consultant. More details to come.

More info to come.

Learn about My Consulting Work:


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