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"I Was Listening" - Some Seismic Vibes

A friend challenged me to the "Why I Love Jesus" challenge, in inspiration of a lot of the great awareness going on for ALS/Lou Gerhig's disease. Here's my poem: (View here on Youtube:

"I was listening to Him. Was it the voice in the wind Or my head that spins? The voice that says "get over it, forget. You’re a champion; you’re designed to win. No matter what life’s score card predicts See the greater truth my handiwork depicts." I was listening. I was listening. I was listening. It gets dismissed cuz it’s mystic. If you’re not aware you could miss Him. A pure love you can sense it. Gave me purpose and a mission I got weighed down and too pensive Introspective in my lists yeah Of some regrets and failed wishes Critical of self lost my vision But when I look to Him I get lifted He paid a price so expensive His life for mine for specifics Poured out his life it’s Pacific Lost in the ocean of liquid Love radiating delicious Now I’m so free in the bliss yeah! That’s why I love Him to finish And when this life throws you wrenches It’s not done be optimistic" Enjoy and be encouraged!

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