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Awakening a Generation to the Glory of Christ

More of My Story and Call for Mission


Go here to Learn More about Iencountered the Lord Jesus at a young age, having a passion for His Word since very young, being raised and trained in the faith of Jesus Christ in my youth at Olivet Baptist (historic Black church in East Austin, TX where my 4 generations of my family have been nurtured in faith). Though I lost my father at a young age and that impacted much of my life, knowing the Heavenly Father, while having the presence of the church community and the faith of my mother and grandmother made a huge difference in my life through various challenges of my upbringing. God filled my heart with peace, hope and purpose and I loved Him with a simple, sincere faith and love in my heart.


And Olivet was a haven. I was impacted by the faith-infused music, culture and expression here that marked me and influenced my growth. I had various opportunities to serve and grow over the years in outreach and expression through song, dance, and drama ministry, and later, in my teens, in teaching the Word. I would often come alive in these places of standing before people in presenting and proclaiming truth.

In that desire for Him, it was as if God set me aside when I was young.

I was highlighted when I was 12 as a "Junior Pastor in Training" by the main pastor, and various people saw God's hand on my life in ways I did not. Sometimes I took it as flattery, and sometimes I tried not to stand out, but through it all, I did not want anything to do with a formal, official leadership role in the church as how I saw it modeled, and always wanted the call of God to be real, not just what man has to say.


We did not come from riches, nor did I often have the role models for my aspirations before me. I encountered doubts about my faith, I wrestled with self-hatred, and I navigated cultural and ethnic challenges, often as the "only, first, or one of a few," even as I had academic success. I wrestled with racial disparities around me and would ask deep questions about various things.


When I thought I had it all together, I got some of my own preconceived notions challenged as I saw God work to save and deliver and work through those around me who did not always fit the mold of what I thought a "church person" should outwardly look like. I grew in knowing Jesus and understanding the good news.


He was not as I made Him out to be. None of my good works could make me right before God by themselves and my deepest places of brokenness, seeming inadequacy and rebellion He already provided for. The blood of Jesus was enough to cleanse each of us, everyone! Yes, He saved me by His grace through faith in Him and the resurrection meant nothing could be the same. Once again I could say, my trust, loyalty, allegiance and love belonged to Him.


Though I loved Jesus and cherished the body of Christ, I also knew there was more than what I was seeing, and more to church than a building. And a desire grew in me to want to connect with those outside of boxes that we often can construct for ourselves. And Jesus met me in this, especially through artistic expression like hip hop infused with the Spirit of God.


I was often awarded and recognized for academic accomplishments over the years and I had a deep knowing that the possibilities and purposes of God for my life were great in those early days and I dreamed big, but I did not always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted a way out and desired to help my family and those who came from situations like I came from and I asked God to work through me as He pleased.


Leadership roles would 'find' me and I ended up in positions and places to speak publicly. My experiences navigating through different worlds helped me to be a bridge-builder. I would go all in and would challenge myself in academic pursuits as those opportunities were made available to me. The favor of God, diligence, and opportunity made possible through science and engineering outreach programs made way for me to step far beyond the places of my upbringing to the Boston area for college. Here in perhaps an unlikely place, I was introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit, the Truth of Christ, and the Love of the Father in a greater way, even as I encountered trials and disappointments; He met me as I poured out my heart to Him.


I served in campus ministry as a student proclaiming the good news and making disciples. I, with friends of various backgrounds founded a multi-ethnic, united prayer and mission movement among the different Christian fellowships on campus that we called MIT House of Prayer, and hosted various gatherings for the greater Boston area and beyond, for Kingdom advancement. And in the midst of my academic pursuits and the rigor of the environment, I discovered a renewed passion and calling for impacting my & future generations and nations as one sent by God. I'm His Son and I belong to Him. I've seen Him show up in deep, dark places and I believe there is hope for the challenges we all are facing today.


After completion of my degree in 2010, I apprenticed and served in various non-profits, businesses, and ministries, especially working with young people, in education, as a tutor, mentor, instructor and non-profit visionary, and in ministry, proclaiming the good news, stirring prayer and worship, training & mentoring, encouraging, giving strategy and connecting the body of Christ in different places. I attended various ministry training opportunities in my hunger to grow, I would read voraciously, I participated in mission work in various locales, and throughout the years, the Lord would sometimes take me through deep seasons of prayer, worship and meditation on the Word.


Throughout all these years, at times, God would speak through people prophetically, giving confirmation and revelation on various things regarding identity, destiny and calling and lead me into His heart in greater ways. And in the 2016-2017 year, the Lord gave me increased clarity about being called and sent by Him into the campuses of America and nations for His Kingdom purposes as an important part of my life and earthly assignment. My identity, worth and value are found in Him.

As an avenue for expression of this call, I'm currently starting in a new role to serve as the National Director of Campus United Movements with Ignite Movement (, equipping campus leaders to bring the body of Christ together for greater impact on their campuses and in their regions.

I dream of communities, nations and generations coming alive and aligning with the purpose of God. I stand on the shoulders of my family, and those who have gone before. Nothing I do or am today is possible apart from them (and ultimately, Christ) and I'm grateful to serve in this mission of awakening and transformation, and the assignments that lie ahead, wherever Father may take me. And I seek to be available to Him for His service, in union and communion with Him.

Past assignments have included: Local Campus Director of Campus Renewal Ministries United Movement & Campus House of Prayer in Austin, TX (at UT-Austin), Operations/Media/Events Coordinator and Standard Bearer at Breaker of Dawn Ministries International/Ignite Ivy/Ignite America amongst Ivy Plus campuses and across the nation, and TX State and South Central USA Regional Campus Ambassador for the Awaken the Dawn Movement.

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In front of Olivet Baptist, in Austin, TX.

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